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        Home to some of the best tattooing in central Texas and the first official tattoo art museum in Texas. Stop in on the first Wednesday of the month and see for yourself what all the talk is about, book an appointment with an artist and check out some of tattooing's history. We strive to give you the best art that you want as well as the best experience overall throughout the process of it.

All about Bangarang!

Home of  Master Tattoo Museum Camp Tejas, Precisely Veiled Tattoo, Tyranttedd Tattoos,

Inkcappz Studio, and Rebel Cosmetics Studio.

To book an appointment or discuss any ideas/prices, please attend consultation day.


The first Wednesday of each month we hold a CONSULTATION day 9am - 8pm. 


The consultation day each month is held for two reasons. We prefer to have a minimal amount of interruptions during our tattoo sessions, and during these consultation days we are not tattooing! Second, because we are not tattooing, you will have our full attention to discuss your tattoo idea, leave a retainer, and book appointments. 


Our team of artists consists of Amy Shandick, Tedd Farmer, Lola Beth, Brian Mezzacappa, and Hayley Gallegos as well as frequent guests.

We are located at 2212 Sunny Ln. Killeen, TX 76541. We tattoo four days a week (Friday-Monday, 9am - 8pm).


All of our artists also travel as guest artists in a number of shops nation wide. Amy, Tedd, Lola,  Brian, and Hayley are very busy working multiple convention circuits throughout the year.


All appointments require a retainer fee of 1 hour of the artist's time. This fee goes towards the total cost of your tattoo. All retainers are non-refundable. The shop minimum is 1 hour of the artist's time. All artwork is property of Bangarang Tattooing Co.

Tattoo Artists

Tattoo Artists

2022 Promo for amy shandick .jpg

Amy Shandick


Amy is the owner of Precisely Veiled Tattoo, Bangarang Tattooing Co., Camp Tejas Tattooers, and Master Tattoo Museum Camp Tejas which all proudly operates within Bangarang Tattooing Co. 

email -

Instagram - @preciselyveiledtattoo

Bangarang Military Stamp.jpg

Brian Mezzacappa


Brian is the owner of Inkcappz Studio which proudly operates within Bangarang Tattooing Co.

Instagram - @brianmezzacappa

2021 Hayley Promo Meta.jpg

Hayley Gallegos


Hayley is the owner of Rebel Cosmetics Studio which proudly operates within Bangarang Tattooing Co. 

Instagram - @rebelcosmeticsstudio

2022 Promo for Kelly Deano .jpg

Kelly McLean


Kelly is the owner of Kelly McLean PMU which proudly operates within Bangarang Tattooing Co.

Instagram - @kelly_deano, @kellymclean.pmu

2022 Promo for lola beth .jpg

Lola Beth


Lola is the owner of Tattoos By Lola Beth which proudly operates within Bangarang Tattooing Co.

email -

Instagram - @onesmallflicker

2022 Promo for lyrin bailey .jpg

Lyrin Bailey


Lyrin is the owner of Gilded Fox Gallery which proudly operates within Bangarang Tattooing Co.

email -

Instagram - @darkhorsebailey

2022 Promo for painless al .jpg

Painless Al


Al is the owner of Painless Tattoos which proudly operates within Bangarang Tattooing Co.

Instagram - @painless_al

2022 Promo for Rue McLean .jpg

Rue McLean

Rue is the owner of Gold Rush Collective Tattoo, and Ruethless Irons which proudly operates within Bangarang Tattooing Co.

Instagram - @ruemclean, @ruethlessirons

2022 Promo for tahiti gil .jpg

Tahiti Gil


Gil is the owner of Tahiti Felix's Master Tattoo and Museum which proudly operates within Bangarang Tattooing Co.

email -

Instagram - @tahitigil 

2022 Promo for Tyrant Tedd.jpg

Tedd Farmer

Tedd is the owner of Tyrant Tedd which proudly operates within Bangarang Tattooing Co.

email -

Instagram - @tyranttedd



Bangarang Tattooing Co.

2212 Sunny Lane, Killeen, TX 76541

Tel: 254-213-9896




Friday - Monday: 9am - 8pm
​​Thursday: 9am - 6pm
​Tuesday - Wednesday: Closed

Thanks for messaging us we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Contact Us
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Master Tattoo Museum
Camp Tejas

The first official tattoo museum located in the state of Texas is located inside the Bangarang Tattooing Co. building. Come in to see some local and global history about tattooing.  
For more information please follow the link below.

Tattoo Museum


All of our information is also on our Facebook page Bangarang Tattooing Co.
If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.
Thank you again 
Amy Shandick---owner/tattoo artist

Over the years we have come to find we are often asked the SAME questions, many times. SO! We organized all of those main questions and answers in the posts below!

IF you read through ALL of this and we STILL somehow didn't answer your question, please comment YOUR question below or message/email us so we can have the opportunity to answer you properly!!
THANK YOU!!! ~~~BTC Team

**********Questions 1-9 : Consultation Day Info ******************

**********Questions 10-20 : Cost/Artist Info***********************

**********Questions 21-25 : Organize Tattoo Ideas Info**********

**********Questions 26-30 : Tattoo Placement Ideas Info********

**********Questions 31-36 : Tattoo Safety/Health Risks Info ****

**********Questions 37-42 : Tattoo Aftercare Info ****************

**********Questions 43-45 : Kids/ Minors Tattoo Info ************

**1** How do I book an appointment with one of your resident/guest tattoo artists?
**2** Do you have time for walk-ins/Can I get tattooed today?
**3** Why do you only meet clients once a month on consultation day?

**4** Do we EVER have a consultation day NOT on a Wednesday?

**5** Over the phone Consultation option: I would LOVE to get tattooed in your shop BUT, : (I live MORE than 2 hours from your shop), (will be working a 12 hour shift that day), (I don't live 2 hours away but with my work commute I won't make it back in time). Is there anyway possible I could contact y'all on consult day instead of in person?
**6a** My spouse/friend/sibling is about (to/is on) (deployment/training/doesn't live here/etc) and is going to miss the next consult day. Can I come in their place and relay what they want and book an appt?
**6b**I am about to be deployed/sent to training (or am currently deployed/at training) and will miss consult day. Can I send an email/message to schedule an appt for when I return???
**7** But I don't think I need a consultation, I know exactly what I want/it's just a small quick tattoo, not a huge project.

**8** Are consults free? Does your shop require a deposit/retainer fee?

**9**  Is your shop handicap accessible?


**********Questions 10-20 : Cost/Artist Info***********

**10** How would I go about choosing an artist? What if I want to speak to more than one artist at consultation day? How do I find out when the artist is taking appts for new clients?
**11** Where would I find dates of arrival, info, and links for the guest artists?

**12** Your resident artist schedules are really long and I don't want to wait that long! Do any of your artists have availability now?
**13** Will the artist text/email me the tattoo design so I can see it before the appt?

**14** What if I book an appt and the artist draws something, but I don't like it?

**15** How much actual time should I plan for my tattoo appt? My appt is scheduled for 3 hours, but I've been to shops before that ended up taking like 6 hours because they had to draw when I got there, took a bunch of breaks, etc. I need to know what to plan for so i can tell my babysitter.
**16** Do your artists charge by the piece or by the hour?

**17** Do I have to leave a Retainer Fee to book an appt? How much is the Retainer Fee? What is the shops minimum price for a tattoo?
**18** What if the tattoo takes less than an hour, is it still the full hour rate?

**19** Can I prepay ahead for my tattoo sessions? I have some money coming in and I want to ensure that it's paid for.

**20** What if I want to just keep applying the retainer fee forward because I want more work after I finish my first project?


**********Questions 21-25 : Organize Tattoo Ideas Info ***********

**21** How can I best organize/find my tattoo ideas?
**22** I don't really know what I want, can y'all just draw something for me and if I like it, then I'll book an appt?

**23** I have a tattoo I need covered but I have no idea what with or what can cover it. I’ve been to a few artists and they keep suggesting I go get laser, but I’d like to avoid that if possible.
**24** I have a tattoo on my hand/face/neck that I need gone so I can join the military---is it possible to cover it with flesh tone ink?

**25** I’m having trouble coming up with an idea for a family/kids/commemorative piece, can you provide some direction?


**********Questions 26 -30 : Tattoo Placement Ideas Info ***********

**26** I have a tattoo idea, but I’m having a really hard time deciding where to place it.  

**27** Can you cover/tattoo over stretch marks?
**28** I have a surgery scar/self harm scars/minor burn scar/major burn scar/acne scars/birthmark/mole/freckles that I want covered. How old must the scar(s) be to get them tattooed? Can you tattoo over them if they are raised off the skin?

**29** I have an existing tattoo that is lightly/very heavily scarred. Can it be covered or corrected somehow?

**30** Do y'all do finger tattoos? Hand tattoos? Feet/toe tattoos? Face/Neck/Behind the Ear Tattoos?


**********Questions 31-36 : Tattoo Safety/Health Risks Info ***********

**31** How do I best prepare myself for getting a tattoo?

**32** I’m about to deploy/I’m home on R and R/ I'm PCSing in 2 days/etc and I’d like to get tattooed, is that possible?

**33** Can I get tattooed if I’m sick? (Flu, cold, allergies, sinus infection, migraine, massive menstrual cramps, etc) Can I get tattooed right before/after major surgery??? (meaning you went under anesthesia) Can I get tattooed if I have an autoimmune disease? Can I get tattooed if I have a dermatological condition (eczema, psoriasis, exposures while deployed (you were off FOB))
**34** Can I get tattooed while pregnant if it’s early in the pregnancy? Right after I had a miscarriage? What about while I'm breast feeding?

**35** I've thought about using some stuff I bought on Amazon to start to remove my tattoo or go get laser removal, should I?

**36** I've been thinking of getting laser hair removal done, will that affect my tattoo?

**********Questions 37-42 : Tattoo Aftercare Info ***********

**37** What are some extra tips for healing different parts of the body that have been tattooed 3+ hours? I’m super sore and I have to go to work tomorrow.
**38** When I have a concern about my healing tattoo, its super dry and there's a little redness. I don't want to bother my artist, but I’m a worrier. How long should I wait before contacting my artist/the shop about my concerns?

**39** How do I protect my tattoo from the TEXAS SUN every single day? How long do I have to wait with a fresh tattoo until I can go in direct sunlight/go to the beach/pool/hot tub?
**40** How much time do I need to allow my tattoo to heal before getting worked on again? Its been 2 weeks and I feel like its healed enough. How long does it really take tattoos to FULLY heal?

**41** How long do I have to wait to go back to the gym after getting a tattoo?
**42**Where do I find aftercare sheet I lost mine? Do I need to order Armorgel--I went through the little bottle my artist gave me already. My tattoo itches super bad and is still sore, is it infected?--its 5 days old.


**********Questions 43-45 : Minor/Kids Info ***********

**43** Are kids allowed in the shop?

**44** Can I sign for my under 18 year old child to get tattooed, like parental consent?
**45** My minor child is to turn 18 in a few months/days/year, can they attend consultation day as a minor AND schedule a tattoo appt for AFTER they turn 18?

Bangarang Tattooing Co.

Aftercare Instructions

for Tattoos



  1. Leave the bandage the artist placed on you in place for up to 4-6 hours. If you are going to bed in less time than 4-6 hours remove and clean before bed. (Change your bed sheets/pillowcase/comforter so they are clean)

  2. Wash tattoo WELL with antibacterial/soft soap using only your hands and warm water (shower). 

    1. If you have sensitive skin, use soft soap or something similar that your skin is ok with.

    2. ​​You are able to use Shower or sink—no baths/submerged water for a week.

    3. Wash tattoo until it no longer feels slimy (plasma).

    4. If the tattoo still feels slimy (plasma) wash your hands by themselves and wash the tattoo again.

  3. Pat dry the tattooed area with a dry paper towel and dispose of paper towel.

  4. (This step is if artist tells you to, i.e. longer session) Take a very small amount (pea size) of Armor Gel and rub it on the tattoo.

    1. It is water soluble and will absorb into your skin quickly. You do not need very much

    2. Allow a few minutes to dry before wrapping.

    3. Not every tattoo requires a second layer of Armor Gel, such as smaller session/less saturated pieces.

  5. Wrap tattooed area with a sterile dressing (saran wrap) and tape in place.

    1. Do not put on any lotion/ointment. Simply skin, Armor gel (if artist advises), saran wrap, and tape.

  6. Every 4-6 hours rewash tattooed area, reapply a small amount of Armor Gel, allow a few minutes to dry, rewrap with a sterile bandage (saran wrap), and tape in place.

    1.  Do NOT leave tattoo wrapped more than 8 hours without cleaning!!! You will end up with a rash/hospital visit!!

  7. Repeat the sterile bandage (saran wrap) procedure for 24ish hours, 3-4 times a day and overnight, depending on recommendation of the artist and/or until tattoo is no longer seeping plasma. (You may only need to wrap it the night of the tattoo.)

  8. Once you have completed the 24ish hour sterile bandage (saran wrap) method, simply keep the tattooed area clean and allow it to be dry. The tattoo should not be wrapped at all AFTER the 2nd night of tattoo.

  9. Swelling of the tattooed area is completely normal (white blood cells coagulating) for the first week. To help your tattooed area not be as swollen, if possible, elevate the area that was tattooed above your heart for the first 24-48 hours—especially if the tattoo is on an appendage. It is also suggested to use a clean ice pack for 10 minutes once an hour.

  10. In roughly 3-7 days from receiving your tattoo (everyone’s skin is different) your tattoo will begin to flake, peel, and be very itchy

    1. ​Itchy is a good thing, and means the tattoo is healing.

  11. If the tattoo is simply dry, tight, and peeling AND you can handle the amount of itching, allow the tattoo to be dry.

    1. The dryer the tattoo is, the faster the tattoo will heal.

    2. The more ointment/cream placed on the tattoo, the longer it will take to heal.

  12. If you need some relief of the itching/dryness, we recommend A VERY SMALL AMOUNT of non-scented lotion like Eucerin, Aquaphor.

  13. For at least 2-3 weeks, please keep the exposure to sun minimal, and no swimming.

  14. After 2 weeks, you must wear sunblock on your tattooed area to prevent fading of the ink

    1. ​Look for a sunBLOCK not sunscreen. Sunblock includes Zinc Oxide—what protects the skin from the sun.  The spray sunscreen will NOT suffice and is only a film. You must use a cream/lotion or stick to apply the sunblock.

    2. We highly recommend you reapply every hour or so as sunscreen/block is NOT waterproof.

    3. Tan lines equal pretty long lasting bright tattoos.

  15. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the shop 254-213-9896 (business phone call only) or any one of the Artists : Amy Shandick 973-876-7651

  16. The client shall consult a health care practitioner at the first sign of infection or an allergic reaction, and report any diagnosed infection, allergic reaction, or adverse reaction resulting from the tattoo to the artist and to the Texas Department of State Health Services, Drugs and Medical Devices Group, at 1-888-839-6676.

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